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This is the story of 2 people who once shared a history with each other.

The thing is, the man and woman have now been apart for 3 years but she has hounded him about how he really felt about her over the years and did he really love her.

Nothing wrong with that except for the fact that she knows that she's getting married in less than 3 months.

My point is why not disclose that information while asking something personal of someone else. If you ever cared about that person, you should care enough to be "totally" honest with that person as well.

I welcome any and all opinions while realizing that some will agree with me while others will say that there's nothing to be worried about and that I should just continue to move on. Of course that is easier said than done when it comes to someone you care/cared about.

Any and all advice/opinions are welcomed.

(email address left at the request of contributor)


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