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      My Other Half


It all started 1 year ago...

I fell in love with the most amazing guy ever!

His name is Angel and he is now 18 and I'm Katelyn and I'm now 15.

Me and him in the beginning were the closest of friends, we met through family, and became closer and closer.

The second i lay-ed eyes on him i knew right then he would be the one to steal my heart.


Me and him started hanging out all the time, and if not we talked all day and night till sunrise. We began to learn more and more about each other as time past. On his 18th birthday was the start of something real, we spent all day and night together laughing and messing around, we danced and kissed and fell in love.


And ever since that day no matter what we have gone through we have been by each others side, we are there for each other through thick -n- thin. And still to this day when he holds me i get the butterflies. i have never felt this way before but he completes me and makes me happier than ever and i would never trade in what we got cuz no one can break us apart. No matter who doesnt approve of us we will never leave eachothers side. In a year i plan to graduate and we want to attend the same college, and in the end what we have is a fairy tale. He is my other half and i will never let him go. 



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