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ok so im a dude in 7nth grade my gf is in 9th grade(freashmen in highschool). after i got hoome from movies with her i went on aim and she was on i sead sup long time no see(as a joke ). she sead yea lol ohh my freind wants to talk to you. so i sead ok and added her freind on aim. her freind sead he was talking to her and she wants to have intercourse with me to get prego so we can be togeather for ever and i sead "what thats bs". so he sead no seriously i sead ok and he signed off ( i met him and it was relly him on aim)and i found out that what he sead was true so i then started giving off hints that i know like on aim i was like "sooooo your freind told me somethings ...hehe" shes like ok cool and i sead yep then we went to mall today and i sead you know you can tell me anything right and she sead yea i then got home went on myspace and geuss what a comment is on her myspace that says so did you F*** him yet from her freind i then sent a message saying hey umm what is that comment about ....(i sead that like 5 mins ago) and she dnt reply yet.......what to do ....break it off or always have condoms on me


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