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      I HATE you...But....I love you


I was blind but now I see

Broke your heart but now I know

That I was being such a fool

And that I didn't deserve you...

He was all I ever wanted

He was all I ever needed and more

And wolked out of my door

Then he went away

Left my heart in two

Left me standing here...

I used to wake up at his voice : " Hey my beautifl lazy girl!! wake up!!! NOW!! come ON!! (LoL) we're going out together, just you and me and no one else OK! love you..."

I used to wake up thinkin' what is he doing at that moment

I used to sleep too late just thinkin' of him

I used to put many romantic songs

I thought that I'm in Love..Yeah I was in love, but I was a blind...too blind that I couldn't see what's going is so complicated

once, you think that it's so perfect =)

but..sometimes you think that hell is a place called world...and you wanna suicide...

ohh....what a weired world

I was so blind but now i see, everything you did to you...

I thought it might change

And we could find a place

Where we'd be happy too

I don't need no one

I'll be fine alone

you can call me but

I won't pick up my phone

I don't need you boy


you're such a lier...I HATE YOU

I really I am, I don't know why I did...Love you

however i never forget our "romantic" dates

especilly when your juice spllied on me in "Lemond Lounge" LoL

It was so funny, you was laughin' non for 2 hours or more!!

( It was a new dress!!!! )

and I'll never forget our happy moments together

when you sang "when you tell me that u love me" in the beach house...

I was ready to give it up about everything I want, just to see you happy

I was ready to give you anything you want...( Don't you think in a bad way!!)

I was in love...No, I was in a coma!!

I didn't "read between the lines"...(if you know what I mean)....

I didn't pay attention to your phone, It was non stop rinning when i'm with you

I didn't pay attention for the way you look at the other girls

You're a palyer, you don't have any feelings!!


what a baster!!

I hate u

I hate u

I hate u

I hate u

I hate u

I hate u

I hate u

I hate u

I hate u

I hate u

pff...what a freaking love

huh, it was love at first sight

I had that CRAZY kinda cruch on him

and when he asked me to go out for a date

I didn't sleep at night!! yeah!

I was such a fool

But...when we broke up...he was begingin for another chance

he said :" I can't live without you, you're my other half, you're my soulmate, I love you so much, I don't wanna lose you, please stay"

But I refused...and then my life turned to hell

I was so alone, my sisters...Oh sisters, thank you thank you thank you million times, =)

for beeing so nice to me, I'll never forget your support in that moment

Even...Now, I don't have the courage to tell my mom, she thinks that we're together!! omg!

I don't wanna tell her the truth, she'll blame everything on me!

she doesn't undrestand what's Love!

ohh, what a bad days...he ruined everything!!!

he's the one to blame, NOT ME!!!!


I'm so angry right now!!!!

I'm about to cry...

You broke my heart and let me down

I'd be better off if you weren't around

Took my love and threw it on the ground

I'm sorry but our relationship is based on GAMES!!! yeah...

I'm left in the dark

I never thought you would be breaking my heart

I'm so bored with these games!!!

Will you care

When I'm gone

And it's done

And I've really had enough

And I'm sorry

For the trouble

Thats been costing us so much

Hey BOY!

You were the one I thought I

Needed, I'm better off alone

Everybody knows it's true

They know all your secrets

The only thing you knew was true

Has just walked out of your life

How does it feel??

I hate you....Y********!!!




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