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      Anger, Death, Love and a whole lot of saddness


11th Grade

Evan and I are the best of friends now. I sit next to him in all of my classes. We walk to school together every morning and walk to the park on a perfect Saturday. My feelings for Evan got stronger everyday. I couldn't hide my feelings for him so I decided to talk to Kevin. Kevin and I are still strong. He's in my Math and Science classes thanks to him switching. I talked to him at lunch under the tree. I told him about how I felt for him ever since the first day of school. Kevin was angry. ''YOU LOVE EVAN!?'' he screamed at me. ''Yeah...'' I didn't understand why he was angry at me. ''You love him and not me!?''he yelled but a little bit more calm. ''Wait? You love me?'' I asked. ''Of course I do,'' he said smiling his sweet smile that won me over in third grade. ''Kevin..that's sweet, honest, but I love Evan. Can't we still be friends though?'' I asked hoping the answer wasn't going to be no. ''No,'' he said coldly. There it was. That word that stung my heart. My best friend saying we couldn't be friends anymore because of who we love. He walked away, leaving me speechless. I looked to my right and saw Evan there, staring at me. Once he saw me staring at him he walked over. I looked at the ground, crying. ''What's wrong?'' he asked me. His worries voice made me smile. He laughed. He liked my smile. ''What was it with Kevin and you?'' he asked serious now. ''He got angry, that's all,'' I replied staring at him, trying to hold down my lieing face. ''Huh..I see,'' should I talk to him for you?'' he asked me getting into a more comfortable poition on the field. ''No, it's okay.I'll talk to him my self,''I replied. ''Okay,'' he said looking at me with his beautiful green eyes. The bell rang. I grabbed my backpack and so did he. We walked to Science. I was hoping to see Kevin there so I could talk to him more since I sat next to him. We both fought our way throught the other kids, rushing to get to class. When we both got there we didn't see Kevin. ''Do you know where Kevin would be by now?'' Evan asked. ''No,'' I thought about where he would be. The period was long and boring without Kevin sitting next to me. I almost fell asleep until the bell woke me up. Evan and I walked outside. I stared at his perfect face and said,''Bye, see you tomorrow.'' ''Ok, bye,'' he replied. I walked torwards the exit to my house. I made a left and got the mail. I opened the door and dropped my backpack into the hallway closet. I threw the mail on the kitchen counted and headed up stairs. I called Kevin's cell. No answer. I decided to call his house. ''Hello?''the voice asked. It sounded like she was crying. It was Kevin's mother. ''Could I speak to Kevin please?'' I asked still worried about his mom. Once I said Kevin she blurted out crying some more. ''Are you okay?'' I asked worried more. She gasped for some air, ''Kevin is d-dead!''she screamed and then cried. ''What?!''I screamed. ''Is this Summer?'' she asked me. ''Y-Y-yes,'' I finally sobbed. ''Kevin wanted to say that he loves you and is sorry for what he has done,'' she said not very sad anymore. ''Wait..What has he done?''I asked more alarmed than sad now. ''He killed himself,'' she sobbed now. I cried so loud I could hear my mom running up the stairs. ''How?''I asked. ''He took his dad's h-hunting g-gun and shot himself,'' she said gasping for more air. ''Aren't you upset that I called?'' I asked a bit flattered. ''No sill child. Love makes us do crazy things. It wasn't your fault,'' she said calmer. I could tell she was smiling. ''That was beautiful,'' I replied. ''It was because it came from the heart,''she said as if she weren't crying. ''Hm..I have to go now,'' I lied. ''Alright. Please come to the funeral,'' she said. ''I wouldn't miss it,'' I replied. I hung up and threw my phone on the floor. My mom knocked on the door. She had been looking for where I was. I explained everything to her. She cried as well. I spent the rest of the night knowing I lost my best friend.

Eight years later

Evan and I are now married as husband and wife.

Three kids of our own and one heading of to grade school. I still miss Kevin wishing he were here with me, smiling his sweet smile. I wish I never told him anything, i wonder how my future would've if I hadn't.

Main Idea of next story: How Evan and I came to be, what happened at Kevin's funeral, how I had to sneak away from my parents one night

Title of next story: Love Makes Us Do Crazy Things


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