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      The boy I love.


We started out as best friends in the 10th grade. he was the greatest and i told my mom 3 years before we even started dating that i planned on marrying him. His name is Erich, This boy was everything i could have asked for in a person and more, only one problem, he was taken by the same girl for 3 years. me and him were best friends for years, but out of respect for him i never told him my true feelings. I was in love with him, and i knew it, every time i saw him i melted and i just wanted to hold him. Through out our friendship i fell more in love with him and to my surprise he became unhappy with her. Once upon a dream he asked me to hang out with him one day. This was the first time we had ever been together outside of school. towards the end of the night my dreams came true, he kissed me and told me that he too loved me, from a far. It has been 9 months now and if i could give advice to anyone, its date your best guy friend, there is no one better that you get along with, and you never know, he could be the man of your dreams.


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