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      Bitter msweet memories


This is my story with my current bf that i just wish he would be the right one for me..this happened when I was on my third year college and he as a freshmen..One day my best friend ask me to her boarding house and I met all of her board mate then..I certainly like them and became friends but for some reasons i notice this guy talking with his gf on his room.Silly, but at that moment i'm ridiculed about the scene that only 2 of them in a room(isn't it is romantic??:-)...) because it happens to be that i'm the conservative type...

As time goes by I always end up hanging with them except that I don't find time to talk to this guy..One certain night as we are watching tv the girl freak out and yell to this guy and walked out the door furiously..Yes, they have just screwed their relationship..Funny, but i fell pitty for the girl and I said.."Boys,..really a pain in our ass..."..

After that incident I find myself talking to the guy 1 day as I am waiting for my bestfriend on their visitor's area..My!!! he is flirting w/ that very moment I find myself flirting w/ him too and thinking maybe I can give his own medicine to play w/ him and dumped him just as what he did to his ex..

He got my number and really text an call me for 3 days..I had a bf then who is working away..That's why it come to me that why not play with this guy coz my bf wouldn't care as long as he is not around..

We hang up 1 night w/ my best friends bf to a school activity..We ended as couples then..It happens that his intimate actions got me..and at that very moment while on our way home he said that he considered me as his official gf..I got offguard thats why I just let him think it that way..

I never thought that he is the best man as days pass by...Though we quarrel often we always end up hooked up to each other..Months  pass by and I just realize 1 day that the plan to dumped him didn't occur on my mind until such day that my far away bf got home. just knew it the moment I attend a school activity w/ him and my bestfriend..My far away bf stood before me and ask if how was I while he is away..that moment i wish that soil would cracked and eat me up..i felt shock and at the same time guilty..I got confuse that's why I ended breaking with him and back to my far away bf..our path didn't accross then until 1 day i was inform that he is no longer studying..

I finish my college and got my job in the city..My bf and I ended apart because I realize that I fall out of love and it really wont work...After 6 months on my work sum1 text me saying how was I for past 2 years..I ended freaking coz it seems he knows me that much..He introduce myself and I felt shock just when he text that he was the same guy who love me when I was in college..He got my number to m bestfriend..I found myself falling inlove with him or maybe I really love him from the start ...we ended having back in each other again and for three years being in long distance relationship is really an effort to us..maybe we are really meant to be..right now we are planning to settle down ...I'm happy coz God gave me the best person that brings out the best of me..






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