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      Real Life Romeo and Juliet


         Remember how older people always tell the young ones, there is no such thing as young, TRUE love. Well I believed them. Throughout middle school, and even three years of high school, I have seen the most ridiculous couples breaking up then getting back together then breaking up. Oh and those couples who say they love each other the very first day they go out. Ugh! aggravation. My generation has no respect for the word love and uses it when they truly don't know or feel anything for that person. Well,I vowed never to say "I Love You" unless I meant it....

       My 8th grade year I became good friends with a girl named Ashley. Ashley and I became inseparable. I was over at her house everyday and every weekend. We became true best friends. Well, during my visits to her house, I meant her brothers, Caleb and Justin. Caleb was the youngest brother, Ashley the only girl than Justin the oldest brother. Caleb became a little brother to me. This is probably because I lost my brother when he was eight and Caleb no only acted like my little brother but was similar in age. I enjoyed going to Ashley's house to go horse back riding and just to chill. However, I could not stand her older brother Justin. He was mean and liked to pick on me. Well this dislike continued until my freshman year of high-school. Justin was a senior and I was in awe of him. Of course my dislike for him turned into a girlish crush which of course had to be told to my friends. However I made sure to exclude one friend, my best friends Ashley, of course I couldn't tell her she was my BFF and he was her brother. Word spread to my semi-friend Amber, who of course happened to start liking Justin. Amber was more outgoing and let's say um "open" to things, so of course she got him. Justin and her dated for about 2 weeks when she TOLD him that she wanted to break up because I liked him. When in realty she just had another guy. That's how Justin found out. First I played it off like it was a lie, I was confused and didn't know what to do. I still couldn't tell Ashley because I was scared she would hate me. I let everything cool down. I kept going over to Ashley and tried to ignore Justin's presence though it was very, very hard to do.

            Finally, one night  I night I went downstairs to get a glass of water while I was over at Ashely's house. I saw Justin on the coach watching my favorite late night talk show, so I got a little brave and flirtatious. I sat down next to him on the coach and we began to flirt and fake fight. Well he put his arm around my shoulders and from there it just progressed. I was what most people call "prude" but all my reserves, all my walls went down when Justin kissed me. Well this night repeated itself twice and each time with my BFF sleeping upstairs. Guilt did not even equal what I felt but I was feeling something that I've never felt before and it was something I couldn't ignore. Well finally the guilt settled in and I stopped going down stair and forced myself to stay in bed. The flirting continued but the physical stuff stopped. We talked over Myspace and AIM but never dared to talk to each other person just in case people were watching. Th night of his graduation party , Myself and a friend stayed out late to hang out outside. Justin and his friends were partying celebrating the new year, when we got invited down to join. I had never done something like that so I was an instant yes. Well before all this Justin's friends had called "dibs" on me but Justin was not happy with that and instantly began following me around, protecting me. Well again the passion rose up and we began our physical stuff again. . " No nothing extreme just kissing" The morning after Justin and I stood outside . I asked him " Is this a one time thing?" and he never replied only held me as I gently, unknowingly cried. That memory both hurts and heals me. The feelings of guilt yet the haunting feeling of not being able to be with a person. I started to try to forget Justin by dating other guys but none matched what I felt when I laughed, talked or kissed Justin. Well he graduated and I continued high school. I got myself into an emotional abusive relationship that often time angered Justin so much whenever I talked to my boyfriend on the phone around him. I luckily got out of that relationship with help from my BFF and Justin. Well Justin went off to college which was only a 9 month college. We are together today with the support of everyone. I love him with everything I have. Can you say that about your guy?


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