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      The heartbreaker.


right,this story is kind of weird, but it still is a heart breaker for me. Over theInternet on this game, I met a guy named Joseph; we talked and talked, and fellin love with each other from there. Now he wanted me to see his pictures, andgave me his URL to my space, I saw it and thought that he was pretty cute.Now I haveover protective parents, so Iím not allowed to have a cell phone, camera, noneof that stuff.Soevery-single-day constantly heíd ask for my picture, and Iíd lie and say Iíllget it tomorrow. Heíd getmad at me because I wouldnít show him pictures, and then stopped talking to mefor months.Then whileI was playing the game, we talked to me saying that he was sorry and all thisstuff, and like the person I am, I forgave him. Now, the thing that is crazy is he loved me,and wanted to go out with me, but never told me he had a girlfriend named Rosa. I had to find out from his bestfriend, who was also my best friend named Kevin. Kevin wastelling me about her, and I got pissed, but I know told Joseph that I know aboutit. On the game, I saw both of them standing by the bank, and noisy I listenedto their conversation. It was a heart breaker, but just to get back at him, I repeatedthe things he said to her like ďHey Rosa!Ē and all that.He calledme a bitch, and said he didnít want to see my ugly picture anyway, and loggedoff. Once again,I was heartbroken, and he stopped talking to me for 3 months.Now, threemonths later, he apologizes to me again, and I forgive him because basically I wasin love with him still and never wanted to stop.Now, itísdifferent this time because he kept telling me to call him, and call himconstantly, and I couldn'tí call because 1. I donít have a cell phone only housephone, and 2. He lives in North Carolina, and I live in New York, which is pretty, much longdistance, and if I called my dad would freak out on me.I nevertold him why I couldn'tí call him, but I only lied and said I would. So he gaveme his number.Day andnight he would say I lied and stuff, and would still ask me to call him.But I Didn'tí. He got madat me, AGAIN, and stopped talking to me.2 monthswent by, and then we had an argument and me lying all the time, and then hejust logged off,like healways does. Me,heartbroken again, he came back, and apologized for everything, and he saidthat he loved me.Since Igave him my E-mail so we can talk to AIM, we talked, and then brought up thesituation of me calling him.I knew Itrusted him because I had known him for about 2 Years, saw his pictures, andloved him, so I Did.I calledhim, and there it was, finally.We talked,and I never wanted to hang up because I got so addicted to it, and couldníthelp it but admire his deep sexy voice. And he asked me out over the phone, Isaid yes. Now, heasked me if I had a face book, I said Iíll make one for him, so when I did, Ilooked at his pictures, and saw a picture of some girl..And when Ilooked at his my space pictures, I saw a picture of the same girl, and thecaption said ďMy baby... (I love u)Ē.And fromthere, I was heartbroken, for the 5th time. So out ofthe blue, he stopped talking to me, donít know how, donít know what I Did, buthe did.And I washeartbroken, his birthday was Oct. 2nd, and I called him to sayHappy Birthday, but no one answered. I called him several times, but no oneanswered. So for my birthday on Oct. 16th, I want that to be aspecial day, and not a day where Iím heartbroken by him. The thingis, guys donít know when You break a girls heart, it would be something.And for me,Iím still in love with this guy, even though this was the stupidest way we met.6 times,broke my heart, and 6 times is enough for me to handle.Iíll justfocus on high school and worry about boys later, though Joseph will always havea special place in my broken heart. --------Rachel.You can e-mail me at


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