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      The love of my life


My x-bf and i were dating for a couple of months when all of a sudden he broke up with me for no reason, by that time i was really into him that i even decided to tell my mother about our relationship and introduce him to my whole family. 4 months passed and even though i dated a couple guys i never forgot him, when i used to kiss them the one person i would think about was him. One night that i was in a party with a couple of friends, i got really tipsy and i tend to be really truthful when i get to that point. Well out of nowhere i get a call and it was him, idk how it happened that i didnt hesitate to tell him how much i love him and how much i miss and endure being with him. From that night on we started talking much more. Until finally one day he asked me out and i happily said yes..but even though we got back we still have problems, hes the type that gets jelous really fast and i love him with all my heart but he broke up with me for a stupid reason. He saw me giving a letter to one of my x'bfs brother to take it to my x and he thinks that i wrote to him just to see wat he was doing but i didnt i wrote to him to tell him that it was over between us and that i just wanted to keep it kool. Seriously i dont know why he triped about baby if u ever read this know that i love you with all my heart and know that no matter what i will always be here for you..and i dont regret getting your name tatted..


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