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So four years ago I met this guy. I wish that I could explain him but I can't he's just that amazing. I'm writing this story because I'm sitting in my class and I can't somehow get him outta my head. He's probly in the cafeteria with his ex girlfriend. They have been flirting with each other and she swears she would never date him again after 5 long years of dating. He's following her like a puppy. But back to my story.

I had just joined the youth group at my church and I was about 11 years old. He was 13. We were playing in a field with a bunch of other kids. I didn't love him then, but when I looked into those big brown puppy dog eyes. I knew that someday I would kinda like him. But, then I was clueless of what the heck I was getting myself into back then. I was already talking to his cousin anyway.

Well it hit me four years later when I lost all that baby fat and didn't have all the grass stains on my jeans. He was the guy that I wanted to be with the one that I wanted to have my first date and kiss with. It all came and slapped me in the face while I was laying on a couch watching a football game with him and another of our friends. He was flirting with her and that made me mad. I was thinking that I should tell him how I feel before its too late. I texted my best friend and told her what my plan was she told me that I should tell him. But, I held it in. It was time for our friend to leave and it was just so alkward when she left. You could cut the tention with a knife. I fell asleep to wake up to him gone. Apparently, he kinda got a little nervous too. That night when I got home I texted him what I felt. Just to get a "that's cool but I'm dating someone sorry we can be best friends" A week passed and he texted me.



Him:What's up?

Me: Nothing just eating. U?

Him:Just chillen.. Naked

I laughed because he was just being himself and texting me stupid stuff.

Me: Whatever retard

Him: Im just kiddin

Me: 'Kay. I just about got caught n y did u txt me?

Him: U dont tlk to my gf do u?

Me: Not much she's in my 2nd period tho

Him: k. I just didnt want her 2 get mad cuz I txt u

Me: Kay.

It was a long time before he texted back

Him: I kinda like you

I thought that I would go crazy, my heart was pounding and I was going to throw up. I was so happy. But, now all of that seems like bittersweet memories. Like he's moved on after two weeks of him adoring me from afar. He looked at me a lot and a really really miss him. Sorry for me typing fragments, but I'm just so confused. Yesterday I texted him again and he left me waiting in a cafeteria so we could talk about were this is going. But, he stood me up.

He's avoiding me. I think I'm moving on.


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