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i decided to name this sumsy if the person i felt in love with was ever to read this then he would know it was from me. well this all started when i was talking to my ex boyfriend justin and he intrduced me to one of my best friends we talked and played with each other. it was 2 years that we were talking before we meet. i moved to the state in which he lived this past june and the first time i had seen him i didnt know it was him till later that night but i was at work with my anut and he walked in got something to drink and had left.

theres been alot of problems with us fighting and making each other upset and mad i knew i loved him but different times he told me that he did not trust me and it drove me crazy.

last night i told him i loved him but i wasnt in love with him anymore he was upset and has barley said anything to me we have 1st block togather adn he sits behind me thats one thing i didnt like when we was togather him breathing on me.. he likes to hang over me and even though i didnt like it he still did so finally i said theres gotta be a two feet rule.

this morning we had break at school which is 15 mintues everyday we eat and talk to our friends. we were near each other but i didnt say anything to him not knowing what to say and how to say it. he said he wants to talk but when i try he will turn the other way or something like that i dont know what to do help me my email is


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