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      Love gone wrong


This story starts out 5 years ago. I was over a friends house working on my classic car. I had just caught it on fire and I had to rebuild it. While there I met one of his daughters 18 year old friends. When I first saw her I thought okay she looks very good. I ended up taking her out on a few dates and before we knew it we were spending as much time together as we could. After 6 months together I was falling head over heals for her. I was in love, the real type of love that you just can't explain. She didn't say it back to me right away but that was fine with me. I wanted her to say it when she meant it. And when she finally did my heart lept from my chest and I was speachless. After 2 years of dating I had to go on a 6 month military deployment. I knew the time apart from each other would really test our love.

Only months after I left did she start to hang out with alot of other guys and she was doing things that really upset me. But we endured during that time apart. When I finally saw her when I returned home it was all I could do not burst with emotion. I was finally home and she was back in my arms. We decided that it was time for us to move in together. It was great at first and then things started to get hard. She started to grow distant from me and it seemed like no matter how hard I tried it just wasn't enough. I told her that if this relationship wasn't what she wanted then she needed to tell me. I wanted her to be happy no matter how much it hurt me. Two days later she moved out of the house while I was at work. It crushed me because I was ready to ask her to marry me.

Only days after she moved out she was dating another guy. A guy who I had welcomed into my home as her friend. We stayed apart for 2 months. I had started to pick up the pieces of my life again and was preparing to move to another state. She began to call me and she wanted to see me all the sudden. Things between her and her new boyfriend weren't working out. She began to tell me that she missed me and that she was sorry that she moved out. The first time I saw her again I tried to keep my distance to keep myself from being hurt, but she threw herself at me and began to kiss me and tell me how much she loved me. I ended up melting on the spot and I took her back into my life.

She moved with me and we started living together again. I was on cloud nine. I had my girl back and everything was great. Then 6 months after she moved down things starting happening again. She was calling guys at all hours of the night and she ended up making out with one of her new coworkers. I was so crushed and hurt I wanted to end it right there but my love for her kept me standing. I forgave her for what she had done and things got better again. When I finally felt the time was right I asked her to marry me. She started crying and said yes. I was so overjoyed at the thought of having her as my wife. Yes she wasn't perfect but we loved each other.

The months began to roll on and we were planning our wedding and things were just really great. After a trip to see my family and attend my cousins wedding she started to act weird again. She was staying out all night and wasn't coming home for days at a time. We began to fight alot. I felt that something needed to be done. I asked her if she wanted to be in a marriage in where we fight all the time. She told me no and gave me back the engagement ring. Just 2 weeks after she gave me back the ring I decided that it was time to end the relationship. I didn't want to do it but she didn't want to work out our problems and she kept saying that she needed her space.

Months after doing what I felt was the right thing to do I am still in pain because I gave her every part of my heart. I still dream and think about her. She was the best part of my life for the last 5 years.


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