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      Just another story of finding love....


It all started when i was 12 years old. i fell in love with an 18 year old and i am sure most of u are think that is crazy and nasty, but i was mature for my age due to being sexual abused by my father! Anyway, his name was Chris and i met his little sister first and in no time his family took me in, but not as the neighbor girl, but as family, they took me everywhere, and my oldest brother became friends with Chris. So did i, and finally when i was twelve he asked me out, and i said yes, so we went out for ten months and we could have date longer but i decided to end it, without realizing that i was in love, so for the next two years we were on and off and in July 2007 he found a girl named Ronni who he has a baby with now and is engaged too. But when he found her i found another guy named Chris who i thought would be an amazing boyfriend even though he lived in Idaho and i lived in Washington,turns out he was another dud (no surprise) so we broke up than june 25, 2008 i started dating johnny who i have known for three years, i was so excited he was 19 and i was 15, but i didn't care he was my biggest crush, but by July 2, we were over and he was dating my best friend, i was crushed, i stopped talking to them both and i hardly left the house for the rest of the month. and as time passed i got bored with my self and sick of being alone, so i signed up for a free dating site, that your supposed to be 18 to get on but i lied, and i am glad i did, cause in August i met a guy named Ryan on there and we hit it off, i told him that i was 15 and at first he freaked cause he was 19. i gave him time to think about still talking to me, and he decided to meet me, and when i opened the door to finally meet my mysterious man he turned out to be way better looking than i thought he would, and for the next three weeks we talked and hung out and it was fun, but he told me that once he moves to seattle than i will probably hardly see him, turns out he ment that he was gonna stop talking to me.i went back to the site to try and find another guy to replace what was missing in my life, and i started talking to a guy named Dan, who said he was an electrician like Ryan was, but i didn't know he ment for the army, if it would of said army i wouldn't of bothered talking to him, but he and i rarely talked, but on September 13, 2008, i was bored so i decided to text him and he told me about his new army friend named joseph who was 19, i was interested so i got his friends number and on the 15 i met him, and OH MY GOSH, he was tall and adorable, with the biggest smile ever, his teeth weren't perfect but than again mine aren't either, he's also from Georgia so he has that sweet accent and i just melt, h and when he tries lying to me he laughs and thats when you see his best smile :D oh gosh i love it, we started dating and a few days later i hooked Dan up with my friend Tomi, and for the next three weeks we all hung out and done crazy things together, until problems between Tomi and Dan came up on October 2,2008, it was me, Tomi, Dan, and Joseph and his roommate Matt, and they started fighting, the next day (friday) i invited Matt over to hang out with Tomi and I. but by 8 things ahd already heated up with my boyfriend he called me extremly mad and he told me that if Matt was there than there was gonna be some issues, so i tole Matt to leave, and he did, than joseph and dan pulled up, they had both been drinking, and joseph got out of the car and slammed the door and started walking away from me, than we started yelling at eachother and pushing and he tried choking me, so Tomi said she need to talk to him, and instead she asked him if he had the chance to kiss her would he? and he said yes, and than she told me about it later, i was raged!!!! she likes him and i knew it this always happens, so he finally left and i went home. Saturday-Matt came over and hung out and by nine i get a phone call from Joseph saying "WHAT THE FUCK IS MATT'S CAR DOING OUTSIDE YOUR HOUSE?!, SOME LITTLE KID DOWN THE STREET SAID ITS BEEN THERE ALL DAY" (CLICK) i tried calling back but he would pick yup and say "fuck you, its over!" so i called my Best friend tomi who lives on the other block,and amazingly he was at her house!!! (Big shocker there) so i tried talking to him but he wouldn't talk to me, so i hung up, and left it alone, and went back to me and cried in front of Matt, and all i could feel was my heart aching, and just thinking that Joseph could like Tomi also, broke me to pieces, Matt tried to comfort me but it didn't work, by sunday i had calmed down, and matt took me to the movies,and than home and now its Monday! its been a long weekend and i feel broken, and things have lost taste, and i can hardly eat even tho i am hungry and depressing songs keep finding me, i try not to think about it, but everynow and again i get a sharp pain in me heart and i start to cry from the thought of Joseph being out of my life, thats my story, not too much detail, but when you feel the way i do, you just don't wanna put much effort into anything!

Yours truly



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