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      Life Time Love


True love is the kind love  that happens once in a life time and if you are lucky it will never leave you.  If you are not lucky, it will leave you aching for it for the rest of your life.  I was in love once before, many years ago but this was like something out of a Jane Austin book or an old movie like “The Way we were or Somewhere in Time”. I just thought it did not exist anymore. Well, one September for three weeks I had it.  From the moment, we saw each other we knew there was a connection that was deeper. Nothing had to be said because we could feel the other even when were not together.  However, from the first time we spoke it was like we knew each other forever, it was like we filled parts of each other that we did not know were missing. Everything just seemed right with the world when I was with him, not that much was wrong.  It is just that everything looked brighter, sunnier and well all I cared about was for him to hold me. He had the most gorgeous blue eyes that held the story to his entire life. For three weeks, we were inseparable. Once in a lifetime love is amazing and will change you forever.  It changed me because it made me believe in soul mates, love at first sight, romance and true love.  It gave me all the things I could ever hope for from anyone but it also broke my heart like nothing else in my life has ever done. Gil you will always hold a small part of my heart as will those 3 weeks in September.


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