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      Crossing the line


It was fate that brought Jose and I together. He was my boyfriendís friend and my friendís boyfriend (I hooked them up.) This meant he was double-off-limits; somehow though we became really good friends. The four of us went out every weekend and when my boyfriend took a 2 month vacation Jose took the role of big brother. We would go out and he would make sure no guys messed with me since I was dating his friend. If I didnít have a ride he would pick me up. When I fought with my boyfriend he was there to pick up the pieces without crossing the line or talking bad about his friend.

He always found a subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) way to let me know that I was special. He would tell me when I looked nice or not so nice, he would say how much he loved my perfume (but would say it in a general way so no one would know it was directed to me), he treated me with so much care- like I might break, he had a look so intense it would paralyse me. And in my moments of depression and helplessness I would ask God why he couldnít send me someone like Jose for me. But I believe God gave Jose the patience to make this work for us.

A year and a half later everything changed when I broke up with my boyfriend in November. A month had gone by and I hadnít talked to Jose because my ex was always over there and I didnít want to see his face and I no longer had an excuse to be over there since I had broken up with my boyfriend. We spotted each other driving around and we met in a parking lot and agreed to hang out.

That is when he made his move. After two years of my breaking up and getting back with my ex he never made a move, but this time without telling me, he broke up with his girl and insisted I give him a chance. I hesitated because I was afraid to be hurt again, but I knew that I loved him and I knew he loved me. We were best friends and he knew about all the pain and disappointment I went through. I gave it a chance and although it wasnít easy to explain to people around us I think everyone knew it was bound to happen. At least that is what they say.

I am so thankful for his persistence and patience with me. I donít know where I would be without him. Heís made me feel things I have never felt before: the desire to get married, have a family, and grow old with someone. He is the ideal of how I always wanted to be treated and how I wanted true love to feel like. I trust him completely and I want him to know what he has proved to me countless times- That my love wonít fade no matter what obstacles come between us.

I will love him forever and all I ask of him is his love (and patience).


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