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      Can't let go


i am a married woman, with kids....he was separated, with kid and presently have a girlfriend....we met after so many years in a reunion...our classmates kept on teasing him to me since he liked me and courted me during our grade school to college school days...i never entertained him during those days coz he was not my type of guy....after that reunion, we met again once, twice, thrice and we're still seeing each other up to this time for almost a year since we already have an husband and his girlfriend doesn't know anything about this...our relationship is getting stronger each day and we really are so compatible with one another, dreaming together and yes he really is helping me in all aspects-physically,mentally,emotionally, finanially...i fell out of love with my husband even before he came and the reason why i fell in love with him was because he made me feel sooo special, so beautiful..that he always show me how much he used to love me during our grade school days up to this time. I know it's not lust that he is feeling for me since we already are "matured"man and woman...we both know that this affair is a sin but we cannot let go of each other because we feel all the love inside of us...but we can't also live together coz we are both afraid that so many people will suffer if we will follow our emotions...what we are doing right now is just be happy and enjoy our times together...he is my everything as of this time and i really can't let him go coz i know it will make me insane.


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