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we were classmates during our elementary days...he used to like me before and even courted me in our high schools till college days. I ignored him since that time he was not the type of guy I want to be with and I have so many suitors to entertain.

Years passed and I got married and have 3 children...while he also got married,had one daughter and separated. He had plenty of girls from left to right. Finally, after so many years we met again, he already have his gf and I am married.Since that meeting after how many years, we've been seeing each other again until finally, we had an affair. I fell out of love with my husband because of so many reasons and he still keep his girl w/o her knowing that we have a relation. We've been together for almost a year, keeping this relationship secret. I am having haeartaches whenever I see him with his girlfriend in some pictures,,I am still living with my family despite of the affair...I always wanted to leave my husband but I am so afraid that my children cannot accept that I still have to live with my husband even without the love that I felt before and we were living like we are just's very hard for me to think what to do coz I am very much sure that I do love him but I still have my husband that I can't leave because of our children. What should I do? I really love my ex-classmate and thinking of leaving him makes my haeart break. Help me.


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