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      I was wrong..


there was this guy in school and his name was Eddie. He wanted to court me pretty badly...but i refused. one night we were texting, when he suddenly called. i was shocked. i answered his call and we talked nonchalantly. then he said, will you be my gf? i said NO. since then we never talked to each other. his friend said that he was mad because he thinks i fooled him. i stayed quiet the whole day. then his best friend texted me. we ended up being text mates.


his name was Raymond.


we made up silly names. he called me fluffy and i called him fluffy too. we were soo sweet to each other. it was as if we were lovers. we said "i love you" everynight. my classmates started teasing me that we were infact lovers. ofcourse i said no.


then after 8months his attitude changed. he became cold to me and he seldomly replied to my messages.


out of the blue he asked me if i was taken. i said no. then i realisized how much i love him, and that i missed him.


"i love you ray. more than Friends."




"i said I love you."


he didn't reply. the next day, i saw him embracing a girl. when i got home, i found his text saying that he was taken, and that i was too late. that he waited for me for 8months to confess because he loved me.


i cried my eyes out that night.



then i left a note on his locker, saying that i was wrong.




i was wrong for letting him go. i was wrong for ignoring our conversations...



and how i hope i could change the things that happened...



and after that, we never texted each other.


it was as if we didn't know each other.


and up till now, my heart is broken..


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