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      The perfect proposal


my sister and her boyfriend have been together for seven years now and the couldn't be more in love.

my sister went to visit my brother and his family and used to talk to him everyday,one day she called and he didn't she started to get brother told her don't worry and left.she didn't even find it strange that she was left alone.

while she was just sitting around she got a call from him and she stared yelling at him and then he told her he got in some trouble with the police so she stared to freak out,just then the doorbell rang and she told him to hang on.she went to the door and looked through the peephole and screamed with joy.she saw his mouth and red.she flung open the door and he got down one one knee and asked her.she started to cry.finally he asked,

"Babe is that a yes?it's freezing.".it turns out he and my brother were planning it for weeks.


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