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      Will he ever know


the minute i saw him, i was in love with him. we were in sixth grade and he had just moved to my hometown. My mom told me to be nice to him, show him around. she was friends with his mother. The boy and i became very good friends. we would help each other study and were always there for each other. He never noticed my love for him. he found out that a popular girl was interested in him. they started dating. we started separating. not seeing each other, not talking as much. i didn't see him at all over the summer. when 7th grade started, he was still going out with the popular girl. we had every class together and though it took time, our relationship built back up. not as strong as before, but it was enough for me. we talked all the time and eventually he broke up with the popular girl, only to ask out a new popular girl. boosting his popularity to a new level. again the summer weakened our relationship. at the beginning of eighth grade we started the re-building process. it was working until one our mutual friends told me that the guy said he hated me. i was so upset that i could barely think straight. i was started being mean to him. he was baffled as to why i was acting so strangely. throughout the year i went through many crushes but none as strong as the love i felt for him. he always overpowered the others by a lot. eventually we were able to speak a few words to each other without being hostile towards each other. we saw each other over the summer and i got the courage to ask him why he hated me. he was confused by this. he said that he didn't hate me, and that he thought i hated him. the school year started. we are now freshman in high school. our friendship has become stronger than ever. every once in awhile i start to get a glimmer of hope that he may love me as i loved him. I've told myself over and over that he doesn't love me like i love him. he thinks of me as a sister. i want to be so much more to him. all the relationships I've had seem to fail because of my complete love for him. i will never lose my love for him, and i hope that someday he feels the same way i do.


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