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      A Year and A Day, I love You 1


Hi. This might be the first love story you read about a 15 year old girl. But I  thought i might share it with people I dont know, rather than my friends.


A year ago, freshman year of high school, i thought it was finally going to be an end to boy drama. (gr.8 was nuts). But things didnt seem to work out the way i thought it would.


As usual, everyone hangs out with everyone because no one knows each other. I was a very judge mental person. I didnt like people by the way they looked or dressed. I met this guy in one of my classes, i didnt know him. one day, he came up to me. "Hey, did you finish your project?" i answered and said no, and i havent started. My first impression was "LOSER". i didnt like him, he seemed like the typical geeky guys people hated on. My class was really small. There was only like...10-15 of us. and i didnt even notice him being in my class. For some reason, i starrted seeing

him differently...We started to talk as the week went on...and we even started to hang out after school. This all happend midseptember. One day, we hung out after school with his friend Danny. We were at mcDonalds. He flirted with me alot. and it was pretty obvious to even have myself notice. He would say the cheesiest things, put his arm around my waist and smile at me. Danny turned and said to stop flirting, you flirt too much. He answered and said "what are you talking about? this is the only girl i do it to". I had no feelings for him at all.


We hung out pretty much every single day. after school, during lunch, before school...I dont know how, but i started to fall for him. Rumors started to spread quick. ALOT of people asked if we were going out and all that. I denied it and so did he. Until early october, i found out the girl i became best friends with liked him. I love my friends. and its always been the golden rule between friends that we should choose eachother over a boy. I decided one night night, i would stop being friends with him. Since the rumors sounded pretty bad. i said i didnt want to be friends with him anymore. but i didnt tell him why. he kept asking though:


"your not ignoring me right?"


"then what were those dots for?"

"i dont know..""

are you "disappointed" in me?"


"whats wrong?....oh my god there is isnt there?"


"if you're mad, just plerase, say it because of me?"


It was actually because of my friend. She was the reason. One day on msn, she told me to back off of him. So i did.then my other friend told me that she was like, "why are they hanging out to together? does she like him?"


We didnt talk for one whole month. i really started to like him even more, and that i couldnt hold back. i started to talk to him again, and...this time, things got pretty wierd. it would be awkward when we talked..and, he hung out with the popular group; the people i didnt click it was we didnt have any more classes together...


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