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      My fault


We were in kindergarten when we met it was adorable i was stuttering the whole time trying to say hi to him. The next day he asks me if i wanted to be his girlfriend. I said yes even though i had no idea what a girlfriend and a boyfriend was. At first it was just a game just one of the relationships we all had young but this one was different ours lasted till 6th grade. 7 wonderful years. But then the calls stopped coming. If we did talk it was for 5 min. One day i looked at the calander and realized that we hadn't talked for over a month. I finally called him and tolled him and he realized what he did wrong but i couldn't take the heartache any more so i broke up with him over the phone. As soon as i hung up i couldn't stop crying. I cried for about an hour. When i hung up with him he called me  and asked "are you serious" so i replied yes. He called 5 times before i tolled my mom that i didn't want to talk to him so she picked up the phone and tolled him that i wasn't available. GO MOM! After that night we never talked. It had been two years since we talked so i finally called his mom. She let me talk to him. When he answered i asked if it was him just to make sure. He said yes and i was so shocked to know that his voice was that low. I literally told him in disbelief NO WAY! We both laughed and he said ya it's me. We talked for  2 hours it felt nice to talk to him again. We both agreed that it had been too long since we talked so we planned on seeing each other that weekend. We hung out at his house. After i left his little brother txtd me on his older brother's phone saying my brother really likes you he's only had one girlfriend since you guys broke up and it lasted two days. He told me that he had never stopped loving me. I was so touched. So i told him to give the phone to his older brother and asked him if it was true that he liked me and he told me yes. He then asked me out so i said yes. That was 6 months ago and we are still going strong. I have never felt so much love for one guy in all my life. I am the happiest i have ever been with him in my life again. I have now regained my nickname Smiley since i smile so much now. I am so happy and so is he. I am a whole person again. 


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