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      Behr Paint


first met Kris at the local home Depot. (We both worked there). Now, anyone who has ever met me will tell you that me and Home Depot are as compatible as night and day. (But that’s another story). This story, oddly, begins with a can of Behr Paint. I was a brand new baby, working in the Paint Department no less. I thought how idiotic managers had to be to leave me all by myself in the Paint Department on my second week, on the busiest night of the week. There I was, trudging up and down the aisles.. hurrying as quickly as I could to grab the paint cans so I could mix the colors for would be (angry and irate) customers. As I hit a lull, I have one gentleman ask me if I can point out where the Behr One Gallon paint cans were located. Well, having just served about 20 people with minimal error, I felt pretty comfortable walking down the aisle and grabbing the can off the shelf for him.. I grabbed it.. and did not see that another can was stacked right on top of it. It fell, hitting me in the nose, busting my nose open.. my face and mouth filling with blood. I grabbed the nearest rag I could (which of course was soaked with paint and thinner), so I could stop the bleeding and cover my face. I ran to the manager’s office crying, as customers, and other employees gawked at me. I was sent to the local hospital where I had 3 stitches sewn on my nose (thank goodness there was no break).  The very next day word got around that the ‘new girl’ had paint fall on her face. Oddly enough, rumors have a way of spreading like wildfires. Word around the gossip mill said I had 10 paint cans fall on me injuring me for life. I was so embarrassed and did not know how to top the embarrassment when this boy comes up to me.. ( At that time, I only knew him as the “cute one who worked in the back”) and says, “ I heard what happened. I’m glad it didn’t break because you have the cutest nose.” Well, sufficed to say, it wasn’t the most original line in the world but it worked.  We’ve been married now for almost 2 years. The scar from the paint can is almost undetectable. And I asked my now husband, why he never chose that moment to finally talk to me. And he told me that I always seemed to stuck up somehow. He figured having a paint can fall on my face would definitely make me a bit more humble.  


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