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      I miss you, dream girl.


bsp;Love, the only thing that can make a perfectly sane persongo insane through every day life. Everyone wants to feel love, whether it iswith a partner, a friend or a relative. However, itís the love ofrelationships, and being with a partner that is making me go insane. Someoneonce told me love is the feeling that no matter what happens, you will neverleave the person you love and your willing to be with him or her forever. So,if thatís love, what is Ďtrue loveí? †Iím sure everyone has a Ďdream girl/boyí that they alwayshope they would meet and fall in love with them forever. Most of the timethough, you never find this person, but you find others that make you feelthings for them. So what if you actually do find the girl you always dreamedof? †Hollywood and love stories that are shown on the big screengive people the desire to fall in love. When you find that perfect girl, you doall you can to stay with them. I was with a girl, and every day with this girlfelt like a dream. Everything was so perfect, it was in the winter months, butevery day we were together the sun would shine, the birds would sing. Decemberthe 25th brought us a perfect white Christmas, and at that point,life could not have been better for me, I was finally happy with everything inmy life.†I donít want to go into detail, but I lost this perfectgirl. Reasons still unknown. I said id stay her friend all the way. Since her, Iívetried other girls and relationships. No one, I have encountered have comesclose to what she gave. The feeling I had was one of perfection and that thepieces of life were all fitting together nicely. I cannot find this feelinganywhere else in the world. I remember one day we went to the beach, it was avery windy day in the middle of October. The weather wasnít perfect, but theday was. We walked for miles, just holding hands and talking about life. Iremember thinking, ďthis girl must be a angel. Sheís perfect, and God, Iím inloveĒ.†Iím not your ordinary average Romeo, I donít write lovesongs, I donít buy roses and I donít make big scenes. My problem is, Iím so inlove with that girl still, no one will ever be able to come close to me. Istill love her and I always will. I only want to see her happy, if that meant Iwould never be with her again then Iíll gladly take that. Another predicamentis that, I know Iím the right guy for her. I know Iím the only one who wouldtreat her with the love and affection she deserves. I mean, Iím so incrediblyin love, there is no way I would treat her any other way.†So here I am, alone still. Not willing to give people achance because I still love the one girl who changed my life. How can I settlefor anything different? It was perfect with this girl and it would break myheart forever if I can never get that feeling backÖ the butterflies, theexcitement, the perfection.†So this is a message to her, although I wont mention aname, in hope that she will read this and she will be reminded of how good lifewas. I love you, and I always will. Without you my life is a dark place, I needyour brightness and your love. I need you. You are my dream girl, and I cantsettle for anything less. I love you so much, girl, I love you so much. Normal 0


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