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      A boy i met


I first met this boy when i was walking my dog Tricky a Jack Russel in the park when he managed to escape my clutch he was so fast i couldn't catch him then this boy comes to my rescue and helps me catch him,finally when he catch me dog and i thank him a lot he introduced himself as Luke he was so cute and after talking he asked me out i didn't now what to say and blushed so much that my chicks went cherry red and finally said yes i love my dog so much if i hadn't walked my dog in the park on that day then i wouldn't have met such a Sweet boy in baggy jeans and gorgeous black hair since that day we have been together for nearly 3 years know and our love for each other is still Strong and we hope we stay together for ever,Luke has even decided we should get married and have kids in a couple of years but for know we should wait since i am 15 and he is 17 and both of us is still at school but in different schools

so the truth of this story is there is someone out there for anyone


a true story


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