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      Just call me your angel


I had come up with an invention for ladies and my hubby shared it with his boss at work. For three years one of the boss's, Bob, was insistent in helping me and my answer was always the same "no", I did not want to be obligated to anyone.

My hubby in the mean time cheated for the 3rd time. To get on my better side he borrowed a large amount of money from Bob to get my project going. I had decided then that I was going to get on my feet and leave. Bob and I worked for 14 months on the project successfully putting it on the market. Bob became ill and told me that he would not be able to talk with me, for a while. Odd as that seemed he had so much time and a lot of money invested in me and this project. I asked God to show me where Bob was and a hospital came to mind, it was late at night and I got the number from information and called asking if they had him there, I was transferred to surgical intensive care, yes he was there.

I had asked Bob several months earlier what he wanted in exchange for his help, he told me "nothing, just call me your angel" he was serious about that at the time. I found out Bob had a very aggressive cancer he had developed only a year after I met him and now only had a few days to live. I stayed continually at the hospital only leaving for short periods of time.

Bob never married and had no kids, he was 59 years old. Bob could only respond to me by squeezing my hand while I was there and to the surprise of the nurses he would only respond to me. Bob excepted Jesus as his lord just before he died. I felt Bob's spirit in the room before his heart and breathing stopped, I looked at him and told him I loved him, now go find the face of Jesus - the spirit was gone and all his vitals stopped.

Bob had told me he looked all his life for an invention as his father had told him to do "son find an invention and you will have your greatest riches" Bob's mother confirmed this. Bob died with a million plus estate but I believe he found his great riches in heaven.

I will always be thankful for Bob and the lesson he taught me about myself and being a women, about business and relationships. When a man will tell a lady "I never want you to worry about anything" and he means it and takes care of things, that is truly special.

No matter how many mistakes I had made he always encouraged me to go on telling I had done things fine. He never once critised or put down anything I said or did.

I know I was truly blessed.

Today I still work the business as a tribute to Bob


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