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      First love never dies..


i started having a boyfriend when i was in grade 6, 12 years old.. my name is ashley and my boyfriend's name is pochi. so this is our story.....


when i studied at VCMC-Bacoor, i was a new student when i was in grade 5 when someone's made me curious to knew more about him. he was a late comer that time but he was an old student.


the middle of the year, i heard a lot of stories about him. they told me that he had a lot of admirers since grade 4. i knew about one girl, and her name was elaine. they said that she was so desperated with that guy to give back some love with her. she did everything to caught his attention. but that guy didn't care. many of our classmates before were fell in love to that guy.


when i finally knew about him, he and i were become friends but not so close yet my enemy. because he always put off my pony tales in my hair and that is my most hatred, to make my hair not in order. i always run after him and when i caught him, i always spank him the best that i could. he did it over and over again until i got angry with him and that was the time i felt mad with him and treated him as an enemy. but i was thinking that even i hurt him a lot physically, he did not got angry with me even to made me a frown face.


his "tropa" always teased him about me and that was made me think it was the reason why he always bothered me every time he saw me. he liked me that way. he courted me the end of the school days but i didn't know that he started the first move. that's why i didn't respond to his favor.


the next school year, when we were in grade six, i started to fell with him. soon, he was not "torpe" not like when we were in grade five. he courted me in personal and i didn't knew how to do. i was so shy. at last, i said yes to him. we had a deal with each other that no one will ever know about our relationship because i was afraid to let them know especially the teachers and my parents. then, when i came to school the other day, his friend, ged was the first one who congratulated me. i didn't know why. i asked my b.f then he told that he was the only one who knows about us. later on, as days passed by, many students knew about our relationship..


<to be continue..>


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