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      The boy i used to call Jojo...


a dear friend introduced him to me and i never thought that in the process i would liked him very much. as time goes by my feelings for him grew from infatuation to true love. i could say that in my life i have only loved one person and that is HIM. but until now i wasn't able to tell him how i felt  for the past 8 yrs if i calculated it correctly.. to tell you the truth in  8 yrs of loving the guy secretly i never had any relationships or even had a crush on someone. that is how i  love this guy  but the sad thing is i don't have the courage to tell him how i felt or maybe i am just afraid that he might take me for granted. i know i should forget him and move on with my life but every time i try to do it my feelings for him grew deeper. whenever we bumped on each other i run out of words to say and we ended up saying only the usual hi and hello..

i could say that we became childhood friends and used to play in the streets and joked. i had special moments with him.. but everything else changes when i stopped talking to him without any reasons why.. and i know it was all my fault. he didn't even know the reason why i stopped talking to him. i would say that regret is what i am feeling all this time. i always had this what if our friendship became more than friends if i didn't stop talking to him. i am ruled with my WHAT IFS throughout this time.

i wanted to be jojo's friend again but i guess we live in different world now.. we haven't had a conversation for a very long time and i know that i can't turn back time... by sharing my story of being inlove with someone who is unaware of my feelings, i hope this story would serve as an inspiration to those people who are secretly loving someone. if you love or like someone tell them in a nice way and its up to the person if they will love or like you back....

                                                      loving you,



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