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      Why Friends!


In my first year of high school I fell in love with a girl that dint like me but until my second year I met a very special girl in my life and I have never felt this way about anyone. She gives me hugs and always gives me complements. When I ma around her I feel very positive and my problems + stresses fade away.


Then one day I asked my friend to ask her if she liked me. She didn't know I told my friend to say it but she said no. I wasn't sure if she said know cause he was my best friend and she was scared that I would know and I didn't like her or did she not like me one bit.


At school she always gives me hugs and continues to say how cute I am but when it is asked she says no. But I know one thing she will always be inside me no matter what.


It doesn't matter if she likes me or not because if the one u love is happy u should be happy for her



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