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      I can't understand him


I was in school back then when I met him. he is a transferee and I am an old student there. we were seat mates at our room. at first he doesn't want to talk to me, maybe he's just too shy enough to have a conversation with me. But that situation doen't take too long because we became so comfortable with each other. Talking everyday, laughing together, even our classmates noticed it. But by then I know the LIMITS he has a girlfriend and I have NONE! then we became too attached to each other and then it happened one night when he told me that he is beginning to fall in love with me. That time I just felt something inside of me that I didn't notice a while ago. I'm also in love with him! but we kept that as a secret. We have this mutual understanding, saying I love you to each other, taking care of one another and the like. And even there was a time when he ignores his girlfriends text messages and the like.

That set up climbs up to the next level. Yes we have an affair. I know its immoral but I can't help it. He was the first guy who does that to me. We did it for a long time. And then came a time that sometimes he avoids me, he almost push me away. But then he said that he loves me. I can't understand him. And then the scariest part came, his girlfriend found out about our affair. and what else do you expect, she nearly kill me but not physically but by words. The guy doesn't take any part or any side during the fight. he just kept his silence and play safe. Until i came into my senses and broke up with him. he told me not to do so but i insisted. he told me that he loves me but his girlfriend cames first. That was the most heartbreaking words that tears me apart back then. He just used me to fill up his needs while his girlfriend is not around. He uses me as a toy that whenever he needed to play with me he will just reach out to me but when his favorite toy came back he will just throw me away! I hate him!


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