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      The story of true love at its worst.......


So i have never actually told the whole storie to anyone not even he knows everyhting but i need to spill everything its killing me. So i will start my story warning you it is very suspensful.It was a hard tough love but it was true. You see being only just 15 i was scrutinized by friends saying i couldnt possibly be in love. Well they were wrong all of them i was in love very much so. I met him at work and instantly fell for him at first sight... well not quite. He had a girlfriend with him as he filled out the application form to start so i tried not to even look at him. That was an impossible task as he had the face of a saint. He was beautful one of those boys you couldnrt take your eyes off. He had rich brown adoring eyes warm and cozy to look into. His hair was gorgeous it framed his features nicely. He had perfect skin not a blemish or scar in sight perfect. However thats not at all why i was in love with him. It was a feeling like no other i couldnt control myself as i stared at his friendly, charming, charismatic personality. He was funny too as i would later find out and rich and hot and smart and everything a girl could ever want but that is still not why i loved him so. I loved him because i felt a deeper connection to him it was suddenly important to see him again as he left after he had his work schedule and handed the application in. He was all i could think about for the whole week untill he started working, i remember it was a night shift working at dairy queen haha it was fun there you could joke around and make friends. Now i know you are thinking omg its just a school girl crush but it more than that it was love and it still is. I got to know him a bit as the days went by we became friends, we had a group of friends actually who worked with us they could tell that i was actually in love with the boy. Oh i didnt mention his name its William how perfect is that? Anyways so then months pasted casually and we became closer eh knew i wasnt the brightest on the block with all the kissing and everything and sex i hardly knew anything about myself even so everyone always made fun of me for that asking if i knew what this was or what position that was. He was nicer he respected me. You see i am not the kind of girl to jump into something major i didnt even have my first kiss yet i remember rejecting little Alex in preschool. So the topic of me kissing someone at work just to finally be kissed always came up. I always hoped it would be Will, but he never tried anything other than tickling me. I wanted him to ask me out so badly so my friends dropped hints to him and he knew he was just waiting for something but i couldnt figure out what. Now he had broken up with his girlfriend and it was the day before Valentines day i prayed he would ask me to do something. He had nothing to do either so i pretended that i was really upset that i didnt have anyone to spend time with and he caught on and asked if i wanted to go to a movie or something but then i remembered how strict my father was .... he sent me to an all girls school just to make sure i wasnt interacting with boys as if i was that kind of girl. So i said maybe it turns out that niether of us could anyway. Disapointment hung to my body for weeks i tied to hide it i really did. So days went by and then there was that one blessed day when i got told they were forcing me to take a sick leave. My last night there, i would never see him again and the illness that was unknown of what i had that kept slowing me down was building up as my heart tensed. William William William was all i thought about. As the end of the night turned i was saddend but when the store closed we turned the radio up and started dancing i remember one of the songs that played was Toxic by Britney Spears haha he gave me a lap dance kinda with the paper towel we used to clean the counters it was funny. Then my friend Gen toke me by th side and told me he was going to kiss me tonight. It was finally gonna happen that night. So i was patient and then he took me to the back of the store and everyone naturally followed oh great i thought an audience. I was shocked it was really gonna happen and then he told me to close my eyes and i did without too much hesitation. He put his hands gently on the sides of my tiny face his huge hands covered alot of my face but he was gentle and his hands were cool and it felt sooo good. Then i felt his liquid cool lips touch mine it was heaven i wanted to faint it was alll too much the connection i felt now was totallly complete. He loved me and i knew it now i could feel it. He pressed lightly again and again and then he opened his mouth slightly to touch meet my tongue. Oh lord i was, it was i couldnt think no more oxgen in my brain he was so passionate so perfectly slow but fast at the same time and it was sooooo romantic. When he finished he took off to the side counter i think he knew i knew that he loved me ad he was embarrassed or was it something else that bothered him....i didnt care that was love right there that feeling. Everyone said it looked like the ultimate kiss something even better than a movie and they were right. As days went by i texted him and he sadly confessed this is the hard part volks that he had got paid to kiss me : ( what was i to do but cry. I wasnt crying because i was upset he did that i was crying because i wasnt i still loved him no matter what he did to me. He apologized and said he felt really bad and our relationship progressed slower but still. More text messages and more than we got in a fight again about it the money thing and he stopped texting back. Months and months i waited for him. No luck, but this isnt a sad storie not yet at least there was still hope and there still is.... So one day i opened up my facebook and i read a message that said so whenare going to come back? It was from him my heart skipped four beats probably because i fainted for real in my chair. When i became concious again i replyed and we started talking again only to end up in another nasty fight. But i never stopped loving him . He again didnt text me or call or facebook a message for months.It was eating me up and the people around me were worried my parents knew about the kiss but nothing else and so they would tell me to forget him and they still do when i am sad. Then one night i got a text saying i am outside your house. I freaked i was exstatic it was from him. I said really what?

He told me to come to the window so he could see me but i couldnt my parents would notice and it was like midnight. He was waiting outside in his car but i couldnt i let him down that night and he was sad he couldnt see his beautiful angel as he called me that night. So i told him another night and we would text about that back and forth for days then it seemed he came back one night unexpectedly i loved his surprises and i snuck out agaisnt my better judgement to meet him under themoonlight by his car. Our other friend was there and she greeted me . Then she let us be. He asked me how bad i wanted it and i said how bad am i gonna want it? Than i got him to kiss me again but i pulled away frightened after two whole minutes of kissing because what if there was more money involved? So he left and when i mean he left i meanhe left to a whole other province so far away for like a whole month. He cut me off again because of what i did and he was hurt because he meant it that time he loved me and i new it but he never showed it only in an overdone way which always made things suspicious and he always used to say things like he never meant it in arguments. So i was starting to doubt his love. That never stopped me for a second my love was furious for him. It was my 16 birthday now and he would soon come back and we talked agian and we were talking about intimate things like a hookup but not sex. I couldnt wait just to see him again. And then he had to leave again before we got a chance back to his house in the other province, thats when i met a new girl who had worked with him after i left and one ay she was looking through ny text messages upoun meeting me and saw the intimate ones we sent to one another and she told him that i showed them to her. So he believed her and we got into a really big fight he gave his phone to his sister so i couldnt bother him and told me he hated me. That hurt. I talked to his sister and other things started happening that werent good that people were saying about him because i told them but i never siad a word..... then i got to talk to him through his sister one day and begged him to come see me. he said no and then a few days later the answer changed he wanted to see me but i didnt know why he had a girlfriend now and he didnt tell me when or why or where we would meet he just said he would figure it out....i was shocked thinking about it. I was scared about what he was gonna say and when he would come because my cell was broken no recieving messages and i couldnt check my facebook now and i had to just wait it out i begged him to come soon with the connection through his sister he refused he told me no only when i was ready....and so that was only a few days ago this happened still waitin for him but i will give him my heart regardless of how cruel he could be because i was in love real love. I cant wait untill he comes and i will try to write about what appens next the next storie i will call Love me now or never k. So look for it if you want to know what happens. It s odd i cant imagine what he will say it cant be good it will probably be something like move on or let go or forget but i wont i will never love another not even if i marry someone i will always love him first. So i hope he realizes that. I think he loves me to but so much has happened i am not sure if he can overcome that but i hope so and maybe the righ time will be when he is seperate from his girlfriend to come back to me ad maybe we will really date and get serious this time and eventually get married. I cant wait untill he comes so there is my storie so far i dont have an ending but i think this is a love story because i will never stop loving him. xoxo love you cookie monster


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