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      Sad Confused Teenager




Well It was any ordinary day at my school. Me and this guy, acted like we didn't know each other. I mean we hung out as friends but nothing more. But when we we're alone somewhere. We weren't just friend. We we're  considered friends with benefits. I started to think he really liked me. But i would ask myself. If he liked me so much, Why won't he ask me out? The truth was he didn't want to be seen with me that way.


A few Days ago I went over to his house to hang out. With him and his friend Derek, but it ended up being more than hanging out. We kind'a almost had a three-sum. But it didn't go that far. I couldn't tell anyone. They told me they wouldn't talk to me from that now on. I thought Isaac really loved me. But it was all to just use me. I know it is. But how do I get the pain to go away? How?


The Pain keeps rushing through my head as if I just took a big spoon full of food poison. I can't eat. I can't sleep. Everytime I see Isaac at school he stares at me, as if I had just done something wrong. Like I had told someone and it would get spread around the school. Then he would deny it. I prayed. Please God.....Please. Let me fall in love someone. And they love me back. Not use me.


Sometimes I have these feelings like Isaac just uses me so he can have me as a back up. Like He has sex with me then throws me away, like something on the street corner. So The other day I went home and cried myself to sleep with a wet washer rag next to my head. I kept thinking I can't tell my mom I want to have sex. That it's with Isaac. That Isaac isn't the only boy I've made-out with......


I figured something out the other day also..Maybe I'm not mean't to be with him. I just don't want to be hurt......I want someone to love me for me. Not just to be their sex toy.



Made by: Courtney, Ky


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