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      My Love.....


 I'm a normal girl from a typical Indian family,my life was going on very normally till I meet this guy.I first meet him at my tuition center,the first time when I meet him I didn't feel anything special about him but as days past I started to be attracted of his each movements.I didn't know why I liked him so much but I knew that I loved him so much,I admired everything about him,his walk,the way he talks,the way he stares and look and almost everything about him.

 One day I manage to get his telephone number from the attendance book so I called him.When the first time he picked up the phone I felt so nervous my voice was going in and my heart was beating so fast.When he said "hello" I replied then I introduced myself as another girl and also said to him that I really liked him.I use to talk to him often on the phone as days past my feelings of love for him grew more stronger,each time he talks to me I felt that he talks to me with full of love and care and I really liked it as for me I use to face so many problems with my family and I use to feel so lonely and I also felt that nobody cares about me or loves me but when "Karthik" appear in my life I felt that there is always someone for me and I felt so happy.

 So as we use to talk only on the phone,Karthik said he wants to meet me and also said that how could he accept me without seeing me.I felt so nervous to go and meet because I felt that I don't look pretty enough to make me like him and I was so worried he might not accept me after looking at me and honestly if something happens like that I become so heart broken and i really don't know what I"ll do.But I promised him that I'll come and meet him,when the day that I promise to see him arrives I find a reason to tell him that I cant make it.

 I always use to see him in my tuition center but he doesn't knows that I'm the girl who is calling him all this days.At my tuition center he never notices me he even doesn't looks at me.As days past he started to avoid my calls,he didn't wants to talk to me once when I called him and told him that I'm missing him so much and tell him not to avoid me but he said that he feel very irritated with my phone calls and he asked me not o call him anymore I had promised him that I wont call him anymore but I started to miss him so much so I will call him and when he picks up the phone and says "hello" I'll just listen to his voice and put the phone each time I hear his voice I a little better.

 Then after some days I called him and spoke to him because I  really missed him so much but this time he talked to me so nicely I felt so happy but somehow he said something that really gave a big impact in me.He said that he has already got a girlfriend at his school and he was so proud of her.After hearing that I cant even speak a word to him,I felt so weak and hopeless I said that I'm so happy for him and put down the phone.After that at school all of my friends said that "Karthik" and his girlfriend is the most popular couple in that school and they are a compatible couple.All those things my friends said made me felt so sad but I controlled my feelings so that I wont do something silly.

 Somehow after a couple of months Karthik and his girlfriend broke off,after that I tried to approach him I even sent my photos to him but he still avoid me from that I got to know that he really does not loves me at all and I have no rights to force him to like me so I pretend to move away from him but I still love him so much I really don't know how to express my love to him so that he will understand how much I care for him and how much he means to me.Until know I know that he might have forget me but I'm always thinking about him and I'll always hope the best for him, no matter where he is and with whoever he will be I always pray that he'll always be safe and happy.Karthik I love you so much.....


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