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      Just a friend


i am a freshman this year and in the first week of school i fell for a junior. he is so cute and he is a musician and one day he gave me a hug, and asked for my number. i had a suspicion that he had a girlfriend but i wasnt sure but then a friend of mine asked around and found out that he did. Me and the junior talked on the phone more and more, he started to play me songs over the phone and he started to write a song about me. all while he had a girlfriend. he took trust in me in the first couple days and he told me that he wanted to break up with her but at the same time he didnt. I told him that i would be there for him and he soon asked me out to the movies and unfortunatly i couldnt go, then again he asked me to go to the shoreline with him but again unfortunatley i couldnt go. then he asked me if i had gotten my first kiss and i told him no, he then asked me if i would mind eating lunch with him alone in the hallway with just him and a guitar because he would like to sing to me and mean it. i took that as though he liked me. he soon found out that i liked him and i soon found out that he liked me. my friend at school had math with him and she would tell him that i would talk about him all day and he would get so excited and antsy in class.we now talk to each other almost every spare moment of the day and at night he sends me a little poem.

but today, when we were talking on the phone, it turns out that he got back together with his girlfriend and he told me that he hated to do it but he was back together with his girlfriend.

it broke my heart even though we never really were going out, he had told me that i was beautiful. something no one had ever said to me (besides family) he dosent know that i am sad, all he knows is that im fine with being friends. sigh. i go to such a small school and the one thing that i wanted was a boyfriend that would really like me for me and think that i was beautiful and respect me and i think i have found that in my junior, but i have to wait out the girlfriend, and that could last through next year and i will never see him again or it will end and i will have my chance.


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