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      So theres this girl...


so there's this and her are always together always play around with each other.and always close.i first met her in my cousins 15 .we didn't talk at first but then she introduced us and we started i would always go to my cousins house and since they live 2 houses away i would see her.right now i am at the pint where i like her and i know she likes me 2(she told me).we are always hanging around but we don't go out.we decided to be friends and that i come every week to her house and i always talk to her on the phone i live in new york and she lives in Rhode island.i always see her and always chill with her every day we both understand we can't be together because she's to young for well she said she likes me but that i'm too old for her.

she is 14 and i'm 18 i dont know what to do i'm too old and she's to young we are best friends or as she calls me her bestie for life no matter i dont know if we should be together or just be friends how would it be if a 18yr old would go out with a 14 turning 15 yr old help me decide should i or not???i just really like her and i know she does too.


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