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      It turned out to be "love"


Back in the 8th grade i had a dislocation of elbow and wound up using an arm brace for a while,then one Friday night as i recall i went to a friends party, it was fine until i met a boy named nando, might god the moment i met him i knew i was going to hate him he seem the annoying type,and so i turned out  to be right,as the days passed by he will see me in the hallways at school and call me robocop  and he always managed to make fun of me whenever he saw me and that made me hate him more,well as the year ended freshman year started and the first day of school i found out i had him in all of my classes, that made me so mad ,and even though i wasn't wearing the arm brace anymore i still knew he was still going to make fun of me,as time passed i was right,in math class he sat next to me with his friend and would make fun of me,but then things started changing, me and him would flirt casually and that would keep on going, soon before i couldn't wait to get to school to see him. Than one day in gym after we finished running the mile i got near him and we both started talking and that's when he said "do you want to go out with me"? i was so happy but i didn't want him to see me too happy so i calmly said "yes" after that things were OK but not that great me and him broke up because i thought he was going to break up with me,but then i realized that wasn't true and i felt so stupid that i missed him a lot ,then that same week we had a field trip and we went bowling that's when i saw him and i asked back out at first he seemed like he didn't want to ,but then he said yeah,and things went back to normal but not for that long me and nando kept on breaking up and going back out, he would break up with me  then he will ask me, than i will break up with him ,we went like that for a while then before freshman year  ended we both started to love each other and we didn't break up until sophomore year, i broke up with him  on our one year anniversary which was September 22 and we didn't go back out at all. I went out with other guys and yet he still wanted another chance with me, he cried for me ,he tried very hard but then gave up, when he will say hi to me i would ignore him ,why? i don't know  ,then he too stopped talking to me and that would hurt and i would missed that very much. After five months of me getting my heart broken by all he guys i went out with he would still look out for me but he wouldn't show it.then on march 12 the day of his birthday i decided to ask him back out and he thought about it because he didn't want to get his heart broken by me again since i was the one that broke up with him,and that same day he asked my friends if i really loved him or if i was playing games they all told him that i loved him and that same day he told me yes!!!and now we are together happily  ever since. He loves me as much as l love him.  without counting the five months that we broke up  we have 2 years together and they are the best !!!!..don't ever give up on love and keep on trying because that's what i did and now I'm the happiest girl that i could ever be!!!!i love you nando!!!.


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