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      Summmeeerrr camp


well, i was only 12 when i fell in love the guy was fourteen, he was a council er and i was just a camper, i was moving onto middle school after summer, before u here the story, i would like you to no that since I'm  writing this at soon to be 14 i am still not over this guy, i love him and always will,and no im very developed and grown up I've been grown up for awhile now and it doesn't matter to me how old u are to do so but don't think that because im fourteen i don't no what love is and am too immature.The truth it love isnt about kissing, sex or romance, i belive its a connection.


so i was 12  in summer camp that year my friends brother was there at first i never thought i would love someone like him but he wasn't that bad looking mature but very short. also he was 2 years older so i couldn't of seen how it would work out. bu i fell for him the moment we started talking,he always teased me and played with my hands  and hair, he was very funny too.i could tell that he liked me and my brother even said he did but my favorite part about him will always be the way he smiled  when he gave me a very big smile where he showed all of his perfect teeth, his lips were chapped but stretched so far  and his beautiful blue eyes were emphasized by his smile i loved his eyes ill never forget that facewe were friends but it was hard to connect he never logged on aim and eventually we just stopped talking i still love him and see him in school  but he doesnt even look at me and the worst part is i never new how he felt.


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