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      A country I didn't know exist!


Around 2006 I move from Port St Lucie to Orlando, after i had a big fight with my ex boyfriend. I move in a friend house, and i start it working for this company that they get hire by hotels n provide with what they need. but that time my hole world mean nothing to me, at beginning of September i had problem with my room mate because he like me so I decide to move to Vegas, I told my boss my idea, n she told me that she knew a girl that was looking for a room mate, she was going thru a divorce n she need somebody to stay home at night with her kid. SO i finally made of my mind n i move in with her. Well with the time me and her became friends, actually we became best friends.  I time we were working together in the same building so I get the change to asking his name and what country he was from when he told me he was from Bulgaria i just add (where in the map is that at).Around November the hotel bring some people from Europa, n i put my eyes in this guy. I was still heart broken, but i decide to have some fun. mid of November i was invited to his place to have some drinks with some friends, after i was almost drunk he get home at 12 pm he star t talking to me ( his English was very bad) but he try, we dance 2 times n he sat me on his lap n when every body left he started kissing me, well happen what everybody is thinking right now. the next morning we treat each other like totally estranges. 2 weeks pass n we didn't see each other because he was working in a different department. 1 time at lunch i was sitting by my self watching some TV n he came behind me n sat next on my side. long time no see you he said, n since that moment we started talking to each other everyday n he always invited me over or take me out for dates. it was new yr that i find out i was pregnant. by my surprise he decide fro us to move in together n had the baby. We been together  2 yrs now, we had a baby boy. N he is a wonderful husband, friend, n lover. I'm really happy n here we going for 3 yr.


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