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      God's Plan for Us


The way that my soulmate and I met is a rather funny one. A year ago I got a phone call from a guy I'd previously dated a few months earlier. We hadn't seen eachother or talked for a quite a time, and he thought it'd be a great way to reconnect by inviting me to a get together he was planning at his house. The get together was so that a new friend of his, who'd just moved from Oregon, could meet new people and make some friends. I still had some lingering feelings for this guy, so I and a girlfriend of mine decided to check it out.


As soon as I got there, my previous flame and I instantly hit it off. The reason he and I didn't work out before was because after a few dates I just didn't find him intriguing anymore. But, he'd changed as a person since I'd last seen him and was a new man. We joked and laughed and kissed. Eventually he introduced to his friend, Julian, the new guy from Oregon. He was a cool cat kind of character and had an enticing charm about him. My best girlfriend was after him as soon as he walked in the door, but I didn't care because all my attention was on my current guy. As me and my girlfriend left the party, I gave Julian my number just in case he wanted to meet up as friends.


Fast forward a week or so - Julian and I would occasionally talk on the phone as buddies. We chatted about all sorts of things. He'd found out about my LOVE for Ihop and pancakes and invited me out to lunch there one day. I met him at his apartment where he wasn't totally dressed. I should have known that we'd be more than just good friends by the way we instantly seemed so comfortable with each other. We had so much fun at lunch laughing and joking around. From there he took  me to the park and we swung on the swings together.


*What he didn't know was that before we'd met, I'd go to the park alone and swing on the swings and pray that I'd meet my soulmate. It may have been a bit childish for me to do that because of my age, but it was almost a tradition for me to do that.


As it started to get dark he asked if he could show me his favorite place. He took me up to a private spot up in the mountains with one of the most beautiful views of Los Angeles I'd ever seen. I'd never had so much fun being around a man in my life. I stood behind him looking at the view waiting for him to kiss me, but he didn't.


But don't worry - the next day he did. It was the sweetest kiss of my life.


Julian and I were inseparable for months after that. We had such an amazing connection that it was almost supernatural. We finished each others sentences and knew what each other was thinking without saying a word.


As the months passed Julian began to learn more about my past. The thing that makes him an amazing man is that he is the type of person who wants to help you open up and heal your old emotional wounds. Unfortunately, I wasn't ready for that. Because of old anger issues I'd had, I would rip him apart with my words when I'd get upset. I'd be so mean and cruel in some of the things that I'd say because "hurting people hurt people".


I began to push away the man that I loved more than anything because I couldn't control my negative emotions that had built up over the years.


My soulmate and I ended up breaking up. It was such a heartbreak. But, there are times in your life when God forces you to make a positive change for the better. I saw what it was that I wanted - Julian - but the only way I was going to get him was by healing my past pains and becoming a better person.


Over the past year I've become a completely different person. I am one of the most centered and happiest people you may ever meet. I no longer have any form of emotional baggage and have made it my mission to help those who do.


For 6 months Julian and I had extremely high tensions between us. But now the air is clear and we're friends. I still love him with all my heart and understand that because we're soulmates its only a matter of time before we're together again. 


When we broke up he told me "If its meant to be, it will be". And since it IS meant to be, it WILL be. This doesn't just stem from hope - it's God's plan.


- Chelsea


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