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      Me and Him Forever


Hi I am 14 years old.


Me and my boyfriend have been together for a while and i know he is the one because every time we touch, he makes me smile and everytime he kisses me and i have to go he won't let me....


Ok we have had our ups and downs like everybody else but we know that we love each other very much and although we are lovers we are also best friends thats how our love started you know.... me and him being best friends forever....



Everyone at school says we are the cutest couple when i didn't like him i told everyone no were not and people believed it and when i started going back out with him they were like i told you so! and i loved heaing people saying you guys are great together it just made me feel happy and knowing that he is mine forever and nothing can make me let go of our love......   Loving You Michael! Forever....  ♥♥


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