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      Bringing Bubba home


 If ask what is your greatest fear? without pausing I always said grief, not because I had experienced any major grief but the thought of losing my loved ones seemed to be  something  so terrifying.  2yrs. 3 months 21days my life came crashing down all around me my 21 yr. old son left this world, and we will never be the same. "Bubba" Christopher was my life and I miss him in ways I didn't know was possible. I bought him a pair of boots that he had to have for Christmass one year and he wore that pair of boots it seemed everyday even after the soles were lifting up he still held on to those old boots. The day I went to his apartment after his accidnt their by the door were those old brown leather boots I picked up the boots and held them to me and cried so hard I could'nt breathe. I just walked out caring those boots. To this day Bubba's boots are by my front door, I am waiting for him,  waiting to bring Bubba home!  They say life goes on, and to my own distain it does, but sunny days seem to hurt now, and the cold dark days you embrace like a long lost friend.  Time heals all? it does seem to make you stronger. " I tell myself you made it through another day" You survivded.  If you had the pleasure of knowing Bubba, and many who did always say, " Bubba wouldn't want you to be sad" I know this deep down in my heart to be true but I justkeep telling them all," I know", I am overcoming a great fear.....One boot at a time!


Love you always Bubba.......Momma


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