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      I Was In His Hands


Well it had to be four months ago.. wow, such a long time.. Well here is the story.

I was walkin' around town with my boyfriend. We were holding hands, our first time to, my heart was pounding more then a drum in the schools band. I felt like I could fly, everything felt so right, so the day went on, casual but lovely.. We found out we were going to the same movies but I was going with one of my chic friends and he was going with a group of his guy buddys. We didn't think we were ganna hang out, but one of his friends came over to use telling use to come over and sit with them. My friend was a flirt so she sat inbetween a couple guys and made herself comfy with them. I sat by Mark*, in the middle of the movie we were holding hands, for the rest of the movie, about 1 hour. I felt happy and in-love. Towards the end of the movie I began to feel well, sleepy. So leaned my head on his shoulder. It was like my head had the perfect spot. But Mark* was a goof-ball so he would turn around and laugh really loud and just move alot, so finally I just took my head off. He looked at me with his deep sea blue eyes like he was hurt, and that made me feel sad. So I asked him, "What is wrong?", he replied quietly, "You took your head off my shoulder.." We kinda gazed at eachother for a couple minutes then I smiled and laid my head right back. When I was riding home I could still feel his hand in mine. About two months later I was sent off to a camp, I meet alot of great people, I was excited to go home and see stofer. I didn't see him for three weeks. I missed him ALOT! So when I got home, around 6:30 p.m. I ran to the computer and signed in on my MSN. I read countless offline messages that he sent me, telling me what was going on, and how he couldn't wait for me to get home. Well about an hour later he signed in. With a squel of joy, I began talking to him. Everything seemed fine, until he asked me about guyfriends. At camp I made this really good guy friend. Nothing more then friends. But Mark* was a little over protective.. He began angry and started yelling at me. I was crying, I didn't know what to do. Then suddenlt my worst nightmare become a reality. He dumped me. He tored my heart up and threw it around. I couldn't eat or sleep, and definitly stop crying for three days. He asked me back out but stupid me had to say no, I was scared what would happen the second time he would break my heart. I mean in those three days I had lost 10 pounds! It was getting worse. Then Jill*, one of my best friends came over, dressed me in my swimming suit (well i did, but you get the picture) and made me go to the pool, summer wasn't over, but I did not feel like getting out. My swimming suit wasnt as tight as before, and I had rings under my eyes. I looked like a wreck. Mark* and his buddies went to the pool everyday. I swear I went at the "perfect" time. I found Mark* flirting with a girl he had no idea who, and was giving him the eye all summer. I just kinda stood there.. Like I said it's been about 4 months... But I gatta be honest.. I still love Mark* as much as i did 4-5 months ago....

Mark* & Jill* = Names where changed..


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