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      He's The Reason I Live


well its kinda long.....his green eyes...his fair skin...his black short hair...every girl was mad over him....he looked at me and gave me that feeling i cant explainnn.....i thought his the one.....he worked in asda walmart and i was local but never seen him before ever......i just couldnt get him out my head i was the happeist girl alive.....then my aunties seen him after work and stopped him and gotn his number....i didn know what to expect the next was eating me insie to text him,,,so the next day i topped up and i txt him....woooow he had the personality i wanted and the looks,...everything about him made em crazy about him...i fell more and more in love with him...but there was abit of a age gap his 18 and im 15....he seen me and sai woow your beautiful when i told him it was me...i stopped looking at other guys or even messing about...i just loved him too much to loose him..yes he looked like a player but he wasn't he wanted a decent girl and he even said i was....but i was 2 broke my hert..i cried and cried..then the next 2 days he txt me n sed i still want 2 kno u n if ur willin to wait wait 4 me n il wait 4 u....i was ova d moon again n now its been 8 months but i love him more then ever...........i just wish inshallah....that it remains liek this n he is myn n im his inshallah..ALI...MARIAM LOVES YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...........ILOVE YOU MY GORJUSH....XXXXXXX


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