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      The only one.


One night  me and my grandma got in an argument about how her panties were too tight.. just the normal things me and grandma got in fights about.. she decided to kick me out of the house, and just my luck! it was pouring rain. I live with my grandma because my mom walked out on me when i was 7. My mom now has no contact with my family no one knows where she is she could be dead for all my granny knows, but shes already died in my heart. And as i said it was pouring rain, me without and umbrella and just my black hoody. i had no where to go so i decided to go to my friend Sam's house. I was soaked and went up to the doorstep and knocked. It was 11am, his mother opened the door and told me he had gone to the store to pic up some milk, the store was only a few blocks away from Sam's house so i decided to walk there thinking i would meet him on his way back or see him there.



i walked all the way to the store and hadn't seen him walking back so i entered the store hoping that i would see Sam there. I was just outside of the store when i seen a homeless man. he asked me for some spare money but i had none at the time because i got kicked out and wasent prepared for annything. i went in the store i walked up and down each ile and never found Sam. so i went back outside where i saw the homeless man, he had asked me how my day was i said it was pretty crappy he said same, i talked to him for over an hour. and then i saw my grandma drive u p and tell me to get in the car, she went to sam house thinking i would be there and his mom told her i came here.

i was up all night thinking about that homeless guy, i found out he wasent homeless, he just got kicked out and he was  one year older then me and he lived with his parents. his name was scum. the next day i went to the store and scum was there! i was so excited to see scum at the store i said hey SCUM he said hey Ashley. he walked me home but i deiced to let  him in so we went up to my room and talked for awhile, i was tottaly in love with scum.


the next few weeks scum wud come over and sit and talk with me, we became really close me and scum are together now. we have a child named ickbob. taking after his family religion hie is jewish, i am an old man now. thank you for listeing to my so 


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