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      Wonders of Fate


I am only a 16 year old teenager, a Junior in Highschool. I've had one unsuccessful relationship when I was 15, and that had brought down my confidence for another relationship.

I have a best friend that I've known for 7 years now. I've known his mother for 5 years, &also his older brouther for a few years, although we've probably passed a few lines of conversation only three times at the most.

Over this summer of 'O8, I went to vacation in Hong Kong and I thought I had fell "in love" with one of the workers at this Restaurant. He was perfect, or his appearance was at the least. I started becoming obsessed with him. For the month of my vacation there, I would go visit that restaurant ATLEAST once a day, most of the times twice, or even THREE times a day just to sneak a peek at him. With this obsession, it was hard to let go when I returned back to LA, California. I constantly thought about him, and wondered why I never took the initiative to exchange emails or something to keep in contact (even though we didn't exactly KNOW each other). I decided to do something about it, and this includes meeting a stranger who lives in HK online, asking him to do me the favor of getting the workers email....and then things started from there.

Amazingly, this stranger was nice enough to help me. I got the email, and had added it to my MSN. It signed on and my heart was beating, we started talking...and that's where I realized that he had noticed me too. He complimented me about how he thought I was pretty, I reminded him of a princess, I was cute...I made up my mind that he MUST be "the one". I thought to myself, "I've never done something like this before. For the first time in my life, I summoned up so much confidence to take the initiative (in a way) and to keep in contact with him. I must NOT GIVE UP." I went with this idea for about a month, and during this month, I started talking to my best friends older brother online...

My best friends older brothers name is Derek. We never talked, but I started to message him just for advice with the other guy who I thought was to be "the one". Derek gave me the advice, because I was just a simple 'friend' asking for help. And...what we would talk about was basically all about the guy I thought was to be "the one", nothing more.

However, for some reason...I noticed that "the one" seemed more like a player rather than a true friend, or even someone worthy of liking. He was a 21 year old who would sleep at 4AM everynight, staying up just to play World of Warcraft, then wake up at 1:45PM and start his shift at 2PM. He would ditch talking to me for playing WoW...and I kept telling myself, "You promised yourself, no giving up." But all my friends had told me to of course, they called me stupid, silly, for liking this "stranger". It was Lust.

During this period of time, Derek had talked to me a lot more and started to act different. It wasn't just giving advice about another guy anymore, it wasn't about chatting because we had nothing better to do, but it seemed like he was flirting, asking me out...etc. I thought it was just a joke at first, because he is my BEST FRIEND's OLDER BROTHER. Those words don't seem like anything, but they are. And as I started to feel worst about "the one", Derek started to show more signs that he was interested in me.

Just like that, from asking him advice about ANOTHER guy, led to a beautiful beginning. Just like that, we started dating. Just like that, we are now boyfriend and girlfriend. I never thought that something like this would happen. A Failed relationship, leading to no more confidence, my best friends older brother with a few years of age difference, not being able to see each other often...but its working out. He is the first person that has given me the feeling of security, first french kiss, first DATE, a lot of firsts. Amazingly enough, I don't have the problem of my best friend not accepting his brother and I, he APPROVED of it too! As of now, I am already planning out his birthday gift early. Me baking him a birthday cake, burning a cd with only one song in it (I Got You by Nikki Flores. the Lyrics mean a lot), decorating the cover myself saying "Shakespeare does apply to real life! ...I'm Juliet...and you're Romeo.", then attaching a charm bracelet I had put together on the cover of the CD. The Charm says " I Love you ", and if we went places together, lets say Disneyland or something, we could always buy another charm and put it on, like collecting a memory together.

Love is a wonderful thing. You must know how to seperate Lust from Love.

Fate is an extrordinary thing. To have two complete strangers, a best friends sibling, a self-concious girl, put together and meet...if not fate, then what else?

I believe in wishing upon stars, making wishes at 11:11 and whatnot. They sound silly, but when your wishes DO come true, it is like magic. Even on facebook, I had confirmed our relationship status at 11:11am, with no intention of doing so either.


You choose to believe.

You choose your future.


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