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      I don't like him but i love him


When I was still in First Day as a sophomore and I am a new student, I am so nervous about how to get in but thankfully my cousin is there to guide me. Months ago my cousin told me that there is a guy who has a crush on me. So I am so excited If what is his face is, what kind of guy is he. And some of his friends told me that he wants to talk to me. I really like to talk to him, But inside of me is not really enough to have a chance to talk to him. So i didn't talk to him.

So a couple of weeks has passed he ask me again(but of corz he used his friend to invite me) And i said yes. So we started talking, he get my phone number, my email and other thing to use so that he can communicate me. And we started hanging together. And I just realized that i started to like him. But one day he ask me to have date with him and he told me to see him in the main entrance in the school. Of corz I am so excited about it.And waited to the main entrance, And I got angry that time because i waited him for 3 hours. And it seems that there is no students in the school. And this thing make me my heart crushed!!!!! when i transfer to the left side right beside the main entrance. My heart Crashed! beacuse I saw him with other girl and they are so sweet, like holding hands. And they are almost two who is left in that area. And I am so very disappointed in him. But i still have a courage to tell him about our date. But badly he just ignore me and he tell to his new girl that I am just a stupid stalker of him!! so I felt bad about that. And shout at him that his a cheater. And I run. I absent in the next day cause i feel shy too and broke.disappointed or whatsoever.

When that happened I started to ignore him and i never answer his call he always told me that I make him hard to get me . And he always apologize at me but that time its hard for me to gorgive him cause he totally broke my heart. Then I started to not to see him i try to hide if he is there. He keep on email me that why I keep ignoring him. So I ignored him for the entire sophomore life.

When I was already a junior he still asking for a apologize, since it was almost one year that i treated him like i don't know him so forgive him and started to hang again. But this time we got closer and closer. And tell me what he feel about me and i so i Did the same.

Now we are in in college . And he is my loving i don't like him but i love him so muchhhh hope this relationship will last forever.


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