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      Love is sweeter the second time around...


there was this boy...a member of the varsity team, tall, funny, sweet, had so many girlfriends and sometimes even two-time them. while i am a top student, quite a shy type, serious and maybe a simple girl. in short, we are totally different. during grade 6, she courted my best friend but my best friend didn't like him. at that time also, i love someone else, but he didn't became my boyfriend although we like each other.

this year, we are now both freshmen. that boy became my classmate. then, he started courting my best friend again but failed. he was really hurt because of my best friend's reason and also because of his attitude. when that happened, he started to talk to me about my best friend...on why he did that and why her attitude is like that. we started to get to know each other then. he began giving hints that he likes me. when he courted me, i said I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend yet. he said that he was willing to keep it a secret. but before i said i like him too, i heard rumors that he was courting someone else. i don't know why, but i still said "yes" to him. maybe because i already love him.

ever since that day he always made me feel special and happy. we had no problems until...he just broke up with me because he thinks he doesn't deserve me. but his best friends told me the truth. they said that the girl he was courting while he was ALSO courting me already said "yes" to him also. he chose the other girl over me. i felt so lonely that i cried when i got home. the next day at school, he told me that he really still loves me and wants to have me back again. he kept explaining that he already broke up with the other girl but i didn't listen to him that day. yet i still love him. but i can think of is that I'm hurt and i don't want to be hurt again anymore...

the next day, he talked to me again but i still didn't listen because my best friend told me that the other girl and him are still together. during dismissal, he waited for me at my locker. i told him what my best friend told me. he was shocked and told me that is not true. since i had to go home already. i told him to explain on the phone...

that night, he called. he explained to me the real happenings and that what my best friend said was not all true, even if i ask his best friends. suddenly, it all made sense to me. my best friend told me that because she doesn't want him for me(because they always fight) and wants me for the other one i love before. i said i believe him already but i can't give back the trust i had for him before. but the whole time we were talking, i felt the sincerity when he cried. then i cried too. after awhile of more explaining and crying, we finally got back together again. the next day, we were as happy as always again and since then our love became stronger. we realized how much we love each other. even the other people saw the change of attitude for the better in him. he became more inspired and more open to others. although sometimes we still have problems, we remained strong. I'm even already introducing her to my family so they may know him more and get to accept him too. not even my best friend, another girl or anyone else can ever separate us now until our love goes on...isn't love sweeter the second time around?☺♥


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