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      The guy down the street


        the guy down the street is totally sexy! I like him so much and he is on my school bus and the thing is, well, it is a long story.


       Ok well, i liked him and i gave him my number...... that's how it all started, a phone number. He called and embarrassing enough, i gave him the wrong number :P it was totally embarrassing. so i gave him the right number and oddly enough, he called!!!!!!! Well, one day he called from his house phone. I thought he liked me, but i guess he didn't because he says he doesn't so i believe him.

      Now that school has started and he is on my bus. It is so strange because he gets on after me and guess what he sits with me all the time!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!? so i really don't know if he likes me or anything.


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