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      How could I be so naive


We were married 23 yrs. She was my best friend, and we have 5 children. But despite me being a caring devoted husband who loved her, she went off with someone else and left me with our children, the youngest being 3yrs old.

Her new romance lasted 7 months, when he decided that he didn't want her any more.I took her back despite being warned by my family and solicitor that she was only back to get the house and children from me.I really thought that we were getting through it when she suddenly announced that things were never going to work out and she was going to divorce me on the grounds of MY unreasonable behaviour.

We are now only a few weeks away from being divorced, my children have been taken from me and i have lost the house that i built for us some 6 yrs ago. I have a huge mortgage and am trying at 47yrs of age to start again. She has no mortgage as she has pooled her money with her father and bought a house outright.

It's hard to believe that i have been taken for and been such a fool. They say that love is blind, if i'd have listened to my family and my solicitor i could have kept my family together and been more financially secure, i learned the hard way that your heart should not rule your head, yet in a strange way i still love my wife, how can you explain that??...


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